A Letter To The Graduates

As I scroll down my timeline and see all the happy faces, flawless make -up, fresh haircuts and the variety of degrees and graduates. I cannot help but smile and scream my inner "yaaaassss." As I relive my graduations and to know and understand the weight lifted off your shoulder is such a great feeling. It is indeed an accomplishment for the graduate and for everyone involved.

To The Graduate:

Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment. Know that this moment is truly God sent. He created you just for this moment. He covered you, protected you and allowed you to defeat all opponents. As you move from one moment to the next, know that I am cheering you on and wishing you all the best.

Life circumstances will continue to vary

Don't grow weary even when it seems scary

Through it, all God will carry you

Take the lessons learned from your

faculty and staff

roommates and teammates

family and friends

and teach someone how to do it all over again

Graduation is a crowning moment

celebrate it

enjoy it

walk into whatever God has for you

and OWN IT,

Stay Crowned Kings and Queens