Let's break it down together:

C- Create a culture of serving others. I hate to be the barrier of bad news but it is not about you, your purpose is not about you, your gifts are not for you- God gave you gifts and purpose to serve others. It's through your submission to God, where you find your gifts, purpose. reward and fulfillment. 

R- Relationships Matter. The purpose of me starting the Royalty Tea, was because I wanted to build and maintain relationships with former queens. Building and maintaining relationships is so essential to one's success. Developing a relationship with God, yourself and others are needed for one to fulfill their purpose in life.

O- Opportunities-Not just former Miss Paul Quinn College but in life. there have been times where I said "yes" the opportunity at school and work not knowing what I was getting myself into lol and having faith that God was going to be guiding me through it all. if you are hesitant about taking the opportunity, at least take some time to research and ask questions to gain more information about the opportunity.  

W-  Wisdom,- in reference to the purpose of the tea, I wanted to seek wisdom from former queens and creating a tea gave me the opportunity to do that and in life, I am always asking questions to people, I am always asking who, what, when, where and how. I am curious or what some call nosy lol but my curiosity allows me to talk to random people to gain new insight, develop new relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and it expands my viewpoint. 

N- Necessary ( I am a huge fan of Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates- he created an album named "By Any Means Necessary) and I can't speak for him on what his definition of By Any Means Necessary but as for me it means NO EXCUSES and that every letter that came before the "N" and that comes after the "N" will be needed in order for me to succeed in any and every aspect of my life. 

E- Evolve- continue to evolve in all that you do to become all that God has called you to be. 

D- Determined- I encouraged my audience to be determined not just in their college career but in life, take everything that life has to offer.  In the end we know that we are created, covered, carried and crowned, through the bond of Christ. Crowned is 7 letters, 7 is the number of completion. So when you wake up every day and say your prayers know and believe that you're forever and always crowned.

Stay Crowned Kings and Queens