Lessons Learned From My Mentees

As a mentor, I have learned many, many lessons from my mentees. My mentees have helped prepare me for my purpose. They inspired me, challenged me and they have been my breath of fresh air. My mentees are diverse in their own ways, they are talented, fun, amazing, smart and they are blazing trails in their own ways and I am beyond proud of them. I am proud of them, all that they have accomplished and all they will be accomplishing.

Mentees' come into our lives to be mentored but when the relationship is reciprocated it is a wonderful experience.

As I sat down to think of lessons learned from my mentee and three lessons came to mind. Let me share the three lessons my mentees taught me.

1. Perfect My Craft

I started writing to my mentees. I wanted to create something for them to always go back to reference. They were my first audience when it came to writing. Did I know that I would branch off and start a blog? NOT AT ALL!

I hit a stage in life where I was gaining so much knowledge from lessons learned, leadership retreats and I had a desire to share. I started to write and record videos to send to my mentees. This space gave me the ability to practice, practice, and practice. I did not feel comfortable or confident going public with my writing but my mentees gave me a safe place to write and perfect my craft. Is there room for me to grow? YES, but as KingssKid continue to evolve and so will I.

2. Stay Committed

Being a mentor is no easy task, however, every fruitful relationship should be a two-way street. The mentee must want to have a desire to be mentored and the mentor must be willing to have the time and commitment to the mentees development. During my graduate school studies, I still sent my videos and writings to my mentees. Although I had my own stresses of life and graduate school which is a stress within itself. I learned commitment in an entire different light. I knew and still know that my mentees development depends on me in certain ways. I remember the days that I was tired and stressed from graduate school and some of my mentees would call.

Hearing their voice reassured me that they were depending on me

Hearing their voice reminded me of why I started

Hearing their voice reminded me of my mentors' sacrifice and the people that poured into me

I am the mentor that I am today is because my mentees believed in me, entrusted me to pour into them and I have AMAZING MENTORS as well.

3. Become Versatile In My Communication Style

The way I explain one subject matter to one mentee, I may have to explain it differently to another. Each one of my mentees has their own personality. They have taught me to be flexible in the ways that I deliver messages. Everyone learns and interprets information differently and as a mentor, it is my job to deliver the message in a way that matches my mentees communication style.

It is so imperative to understand who played a role in the development of your purpose.

It is so important to answer the calling on your life even when you do not feel like it because it all will work out for your good.

As Romans 8:28 states: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose. Know that someone's purpose and healing trapped in your willingness to mentor and inspire others.

Stay Crowned Kings and Queens