5 Jewels I Learned From Blogging

I never in a million years thought that I would be a blogger. Blogging has allowed me to pour words from my heart to an area that would I pray outlive me. This journey has taught me lessons something that I would love to share with you. During this month of KingssKid, we celebrate my

Purposeversary - the anniversary of me starting to live in my purpose.

Check out the jewels of knowledge and wisdom I provide as I share the lessons I learned from blogging

Jewel #1- God will make room for your gifts, my desire to become a blogger came after I felt God telling me that I had more that I needed to share. Encouraging text messages to people here and there one-on-one, videos to my private group of friends and just talking to people were cool but God wanted more. I knew he wanted more because at one point in my life I got to a point where I felt like I was full, no matter how much I poured out I felt full and I was not mad at that however that was God telling me that he was expecting more from me. As I stepped into the industry of blogging. I was a little intimidated because it was so many people, talking about so many things and I wondered who would like to read what I had to say. The minute I stepped in the industry was the minute I doubted myself and let us not get started on looking at other people profiles, followers, comments, and subscribers. I had to realize that God had given me this assignment and it was my duty to rise up and make it happen. My gift and tenacity of writing has given me opportunities to speak on panels and at events. It has put me in places that I probably would not have been previously. It is not our job to worry about who will listen, it's our job to obey God, it's not our job to worry about who will follow because he will provide the audience that is seeking to hear from YOU. So many times we put our focus on other things and in many cases the wrong things that we don't realize that ultimately where God guide us he will provide and that's in any area of our lives.

Jewel #2- The commitment is bigger than you. KingssKid is so much bigger than me. When I took a break from blogging to enhance the website, some of its features and rest. There were people asking if I was okay and if they will receive another blog. You can take a break, you can rest but you cannot stop. Someone life is on the other side of the screen waiting for YOU to pour into them because God has assigned them to you. It's a post that I love that states, "Don't be the reason why someone never reaches purpose because you refuse to show up." Your purpose is not all about you, it's a heart posture and it's selfless.

Jewel #3-Collaboration will take you further than competition. The world will have us to think that it is okay to tear each other down, however, that's not okay. You collaborating with someone does not dimish your light it makes it brighter. Collaboration provides the opportunity to share resources and it exposes you to a variety of audiences. I will say to you it is important to understand who you are collaborating with and make sure the visions are aligned. You have to cover and protect the vision that God has given you.

Jewel #4- Don't be so hard on yourself. For me when I make mistakes I can be hard on myself. Blogging has been one of the main experiences in my life that has shown me how to give myself some grace. it is when I give myself grace, I can also give others grace. Be patient with yourself, it is okay not to know it all and have it all together. Take the time to learn all in this season that you can because when you're faithful over few God will make you ruler over many. The grass that is greener is the grass that you take the time to nurture and water.

Jewel #5- Don't compare your journey to someone's else. You don't know what that person had to go through to get to where they are. You don't know what type of pain they had to endure to experience the glory that they have now. YOU DON"T KNOW and neither do I. I have to remind myself constantly, as I stated in jewel # 1, the minute I stepped in the industry was the minute I doubted myself and let us not get started on looking at other people profiles, followers, comments, subscribers. The spirit of comparison will kill a dream, vision, goal, and purpose. I had to learn to be thankful for the ones that came before me because I needed someone like them to show me the way. I am happy to come after them because I am the next generation where I can show someone who comes after me. It's generational! I find it way more exciting to know that my next is coming rather than hating or being envious of someone because they were in the game longer than me.

I pray that these jewels crowned you as we continue sharing all thing Kingsskid as we celebrate 1 year of purpose-versary down and lifetime to go.