Why Mentor-Mentee Development Is Vital To Your Success

One reason why Kingsskid has a mentor-mentee development focus is that I frequently find myself in the seat of both the mentor and the mentee. I could not and would not be where I am today without the wisdom and guidance my mentors have given me along the way.

Mentor-mentee development is the culmination of personal and professional development used to serve and assist in the development of others.

I enjoy sitting in the seat of the mentor because I can use what I learned to serve and pour into others. I have the opportunity to bridge the gap one individual at a time. It is important to understand the audience of those you're mentoring. For me, in regards to mentoring, I connect better with college students, student leaders, students seeking to connect the dots and navigating Corporate America and internships. These students have different stories and they are so ambitious and they pour into me without realizing it.

I enjoy sitting in the seat of the mentee because that allows me to get the jewels of knowledge and wisdom from those who have experienced life and have the scar to prove it. Age ranges, I do not allow age to determine whether or not someone can be a mentor for me that could truly block a blessing. My mentors are in a variety of industries and they are from different parts of the country which brings a diverse perspective.

I have provided 5 Ways Mentors and Mentees Can Add Value To Your Life Below:

5 Ways that Mentors Can Add Value To Your Life

1. They have industry knowledge, insight, and experience that you have yet to experience

2. They are connected to a network of people that can assist you in your career

3. They keep you accountable

4. Assist you in developing soft skills (time management, discovering your purpose, etc. or hard skills ( could be developed if your mentor works in your industry or works at your company)

5. They are your cheerleader (my mentors cheer for me like they are my parents)

5 Ways that Mentees Can Add Value To Your Life

1. They are the avenue in which you use to learn more about the next generation instead of making assumptions about them

2. You develop skills with your mentees (I started writing emails to my mentees on a monthly basis, now I have a blog- who knewww)

3. They provide you with a life outside of the walls beyond your work- it's rewarding to go beyond the walls of your job, the mentee give you a life beyond your work- they develop you, challenge you and it's quite refreshing

4. You have an active role in the success of others (personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually)

5. You're fulfilled - Oftentimes when I talk to my mentees my cup is empty but after speaking with them, I leave the conversation full.

Take some time to pray for people who you would like to mentor you and pray for the individuals you would like to mentor. You want to be strategic in making the mentor-mentee relationship is beneficial for you both.

Just know that, as my mentors pour into me, is my duty and responsibility to pour into the next generation of Kings and Queens.

It is your turn, in what ways have your mentees or mentors added value to your life. I can't wait to read your comments below