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This is why mentor -mentee development is integrated into Kingsskid. Mentor -mentee development is the culmination ofb your personal and professional development used to serve and assist in the development of others. 

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5 Jewels I Learned From Blogging

I never in a million years thought that I would be a blogger. Blogging has allowed me to pour words from my heart to an area that would I pray outlive me. This journey has taught me lessons something that I would love to share with you. During this month of KingssKid, we celebrate my

Purposeversary - the anniversary of me starting to live in my purpose.

Check out the jewels of knowledge and wisdom I provide as I share the lessons I learned from blogging

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Celebrating The Legacy

Dr. Carter G. Woodson worked to bring the history that others are striving to erase. We are our forefathers wildest dreams and imaginations. We are MAGIC.

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5 Lessons Learned From Herb Kelleher

I only know of him because of Southwest Airlines but I feel like Herb and I were friends, I feel like after studying his company and his leadership style that we developed a friendship. Herb developed a brand that made people feel like they were apart and I am a part in many ways.

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The Development of Others Matters

One of the reasons why I started the blog was because I felt I had an overflow of information that needed to be shared. I felt that God had placed me in so many rooms where my skills, knowledge, purpose and that it was my duty to share through KingssKid.

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Lessons Learned From My Mentors

You can find mentors and mentees virtually anywhere. The places that have worked for me within the church, school, sorority, and work. There are numerous programs that are available and willing to mentor young adults. My mentors are the best

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Lessons Learned From My Mentees

As a mentor, I have learned many, many lessons from my mentees. My mentees have helped prepare me for my purpose. They inspired me, challenged me and they have been my breath of fresh air.

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5 Lessons Learned From Greek-Life

This year my line- sisters and I are celebrating our 5-year anniversary in the bond of sisterhood. As we plan to celebrate together in New Orleans, Louisiana, I wanted to share 5 lessons that I learned about Greek-life.

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October 6, 2017, I had the opportunity to be the speaker at an event I hold near and dear to my heart. That event was Miss Paul Quinn College Royalty Tea. I did not know what to speak on and I prayed that God gave me right words to say, as I pondered on what words to say, the word C.R.O.W.N.E.D was revealed to me. The acronym represented the things that I learned while I was a student at Paul Quinn College, during my reign as Miss Paul Quinn College and those things still serve me well to this day. 

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