25 Lessons Learned

Today is a very special day, I am 25 years old. In my opinion, 25 was always a BIG celebration, it is the year that you transition from your younger 20's to your mid-senior 20's. I always dreamed that my 25th birthday would be A BIG, EXTRAVAGANT CELEBRATION, and it was the complete opposite. I planned absolutely nothing but to read, relax, eat ice cream, go to church and reflect. In the end, During my time of reflection, one word came to mind and that word was CONTENT. Life is not what I expected it to be it is actually better, so I took some time leading up to my birthday to share 25 lessons learned personally and professionally.

  1. Keep your intentions pure, make sure your intentions align with the will of God.

  2. Maintain peace, share peace, give peace, protect your peace.

  3. Do things that make you have a pit at the bottom of your stomach (words from one of my mentors).

  4. Life is short, spend time doing things that fulfill your heart and with people that bring you joy.

  5. SET boundaries- mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.

  6. SAVE- it adds up-every penny counts!

  7. Never be afraid to ask questions.

  8. LOVE and LEADERSHIP do not have a specific day-age or time when it is your time it is YOUR time.

  9. REST

  10. Know that it is not just enough to have a seat at the table, but you must be able to use your God-given skills, talents, and influence to be able to make a change at the table.

  11. Learn when to speak up and when to shut up (it is actually a good book by Dr. Michael D. Sedler)

  12. As you grow older, your life will be full of transition and so will your friend circle.

  13. T.R.A.P- Take Risks and Prosper.

  14. Mentoring matters (my mentees save my life) and get a mentor (my mentors are so awesome)

  15. There are different routes to the same destination, enjoy your journey, it was fearfully and wonderfully made just like you.

  16. Never stop evolving.

  17. Be open and vulnerable to feedback.

18. Forgive others ( it is not always easy), most importantly forgive yourself.

19. Diversity makes the world a better place, INCLUSION keeps the world better.

20. Take care of yourself, you only have one life.

21. Humbleness and humility will take you far in life.

22. Celebrate yourself and your successes, you are your biggest cheerleader.

23. Be present and in the moment.

24. Go travel not to see the world, but travel so the world can see you-YOU're pretty awesome.

25. Apply Porter's 5 Forces to your life:

  • Are people constantly making withdraws in your life or are you constantly making withdraws in someone's like? (Buying)

  • Are people constantly supplying you with love, compassion, advice, etc or are you constantly supplying others with love, compassion, advice, etc? (Suppliers)

  • Are you entering people lives with good intentions/motives or are you allowing people to enter into your life with good intentions/motives? (Threat of New Entrants)

  • Are people using you as a substitute or are you using people as a substitute? (Substitutes)

  • Is it collaboration or competition every time your in communication with someone? (Industry Competitors)

In the end, contentment brings peace and acceptance for what has happened, it allows you to appreciate the time you have, and it gives you hope to look forward to what is to come. Contentment does not mean complacency.

Stay Crowned Kings and Queens 

(post originally written October 4, 2017)