Harvest Doesn't Happen Overnight


I was reading my daily devotional and the name of this specific daily devotional was "Harvest Doesn't Happen Overnight," in "Letter To My Sisters Daily Devotional" after I finish reading the devotional, I thought of Kingsskid. I thought of the emails and direct messages that are sent to me asking me to grow my followers' list by paying a certain fee.

This devotional reminded me that KingssKid will not harvest overnight if I want it done right and by right I mean by God's will. I have to go through the process. That process consists of:

Proverbs 4: 5-9.

5: Get wisdom and understanding. Don’t forget or ignore my words.

God created each and every trial and tribulation for us to gain wisdom and understanding. Wisdom and understanding are taught to us through life experiences and our encounters with others. (seed-planting)

6: Use wisdom, and it will take care of you. Love wisdom, and it will keep you safe.

Through life experiences, obedience and listening we gain wisdom. When we gain and use wisdom we should protect it and when we protect wisdom, it keeps us safe. Wisdom covers us and protects us throughout this journey we call life. (growth)

7: Wisdom is the most important thing. So get wisdom. If it costs everything you have, get understanding.

Above all else, getting wisdom may cost us everything, wisdom will carry us throughout the journey of life. (growth)

8-9: Believe in the value of wisdom, and it will make you great. Use it, and it will bring honor to you. Like flowers in your hair, it will beautify your life. Like a crown, it will make you look beautiful.

Through the journey of life, I have come to understand that God uses life experiences to create, cover, carry and crown us. Those experiences are used to give us wisdom- wisdom makes us great Kings and Queens that reign on the throne with our Lord and Savior. (harvest)

There's one sentence in the payer that stated, " help me to be grateful for the process and not the outcome." Oftentimes in life, we want to arrive at our destination without any trials and tribulations. For me, the way God and my life set up, it just does not work like that but I know it is within the process (created, covered, carried and crowned) is where God reveals his purpose for me. It is in the process (created, covered, carried and crowned) is where I learn to praise and trust God even when it is hard. The process (created, covered, carried and crowned) builds my confidence and faith.

I am reminded that building KingssKid is a process as of now, I am planting seeds. I know the harvest will come, I know the nights of working building content, branding, networking will pay off. My harvest may not come in an increase of followers but it may come in my willingness to speak life into individuals and educate them on how God creates covers, carries and crowns us in personal, professional and mentor-mentee development.

The process of being created, covered, carried and crowned is to build and create a strong foundation. IT TAKES TIME, grit and agility.

May we accept and learn to be grateful for the process as we work to plan and prepare for the harvest.

Stay Crowned Kings and Queens