Have You Been Resting?

When I thought about writing this article I thought about sharing how I took a week off to do nothing but rest and share the benefits of resting.

As I sit in my bed, post labor day weekend with vapor rub on my nose, chest, feet and in my onesie. I thought about the constant question that has been asked to me over and over and over again.

That question is: HAVE YOU BEEN RESTING?

And in all honesty, I truly don't know. I thought I was. According to my current position apparently not. I have been evaluating my weekly routine to see how can I live more intentional and create more crowning moments in life.

Here's what I do know :

-My team of accountability partners would not allow me to constantly give and give and give (they hold me accountable when it comes to resting)

-I cannot be living my best life while being too tired or sick to even enjoy it

-I cannot fulfill the promise that God has for me if I am not resting properly

-I cannot create crowning moments in any aspect of life if I am not resting properly

and neither can YOU

How can we show up for our family, friends, careers, and purpose if we are not resting

You CAN'T and if you do, you're pouring from your cup and not your saucer!

The world is waiting for our arrival and we must make our entrance grand!

But we cannot show up beat down and tired, we must show up