Sooooo I have been watching Transformation Church some time now. I LOVE THAT church, I love Pastor Mike Todd. He provides practical ways to apply the Word of God to my life. I truly feel as though, I am a member of Transformation Church. My morning routine consists of listening to a message from Pastor Mike Todd.

Transformation Church vision is to Re*Present God to the lost and found for Transformation in Christ.

After listening to Pastor Mike preaching and applying his teachings to my life, I made a decision that ONE DAY, I was going to take a trip to visit the church. I drove from Dallas, Texas to Tulsa on Saturday morning. Once we arrived in Tulsa. We checked into our AIRBNB, ate an amazing restaurant named Roosevelt's, walked down Black Wall Street (a blog about my Black Wall Street experience coming soon) stopped by Transformation Church to take pictures outside and went to prepare for THEE Transformation Church experience. Saturday night as we were settling in I found out that Pastor Mike would not be preaching because he was preaching all weekend at Hope City Church in Houston, Texas. As soon as I found that information out I was a little bummed but I instantly prepared my heart to be ready to receive the message from anyone who brought the word because the associate pastors are BOMB.COM as well. We are in a series called Planted Not Buried and it was the second message of the sermon series. In my heart, it was hard for me to grasp the fact that someone else would be bringing the word but in reality, it made sense that someone else would present the word considering the fact that as humans we can only be in one place at a time. After I got out of my own way, I went to bed in peace ready for whatever and whoever was going to feed my soul at Transformation Church.

Sunday Comes! I'm READY!!!!

Driving up to the church my heart was pounding, I had a rush of excitement. I could not wait to park (thank you to the gentleman who directed me to a good parking spot). Walking up to the church was a rush of adrenaline, the greeters welcomed us with open arms and smiles. I felt like a member walking to my family reunion! Walking into the church we stopped at the visitor's table and received our Transformation Church Swag bag!! Then we entered the worship experience and MY, MY MY!!! the worship experience was BEYOND AMAZING. As I am writing about it, it does no justice, you truly just HAD TO BE THERE to experience it for yourself.

The time for the word came and guess what?

Pastor Michael Todd brought the word!

The message was pre-recorded and played in service (Reality told me one thing but my spirit told me another thing, I am glad I found peace in the process)

The message is titled: Prepared To Plant

After the service ended, the request for prayer was made, I went up for prayer and honey I had a good prayer that prayed over me and received it ALL and after the prayer, we hugged like best friends. As Matthew 18:20 states, "For where two or three gathers in my name, there am I with them." God was with us, God used her to pray over my life and into my life and she crowned me with her love and hugs.

The service ended and we fellow -shipped with other visitors from Dallas, members of the church, we were constantly asked if we were a belong to a belong group (Transformation Church WALK IT LIKE THEY TALK IT) brought my Transformation Church gear and headed back to Dallas.

The experience is one where you JUST have to be there.

This is a church who walks it and talks it bold and unapologetically. The church and the teachings have transformed my life. They provide crowning moments to help me be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, worker, author, blogger, leader, and Kingsskid overall.

When I returned to Dallas, I reflected on the message and I said to myself:

"God if I am truly living my best life now, I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for me"

That my Kings and Queens was my transformation experience.

Stay Crowned