Keep It Trill

In my head I like to think that I am trill! TRUE + REAL= TRILL

It reminds me of being a savage.

Savage can be defined as fierce or uncontrolled, and I am when it comes to me putting me first! I stopped putting myself on discount and started adding tax to my worth because I am worth it. I know who I am and whose I am.

My first realization of who I was, happened after I spent an entire night trying to rationalize my worth in my head and heart wondering why someone did not love me. I remember waking up the next day, going to my closet to prepare for the day and walking out of my closet, then it HIT ME, it was like my grandfather hit me on my head and told me, you're the Kingsskid, I repeated it to myself that I was the Kingsskid (Sidenote: there is power in speaking who you are - if you don't let the world know who you are they will tell you who to be)

Being true to me is staying true to my core, it means I will not compromise the life and purpose that God has given me. I will not allow the standards of the world tell me who to be, because if you do not tell the world who you are, the world will tell you who to be. I will embrace all the features that God has given to me. As a little girl, I was teased for having big lips and eyes. I did not get teased for my hair but I wondered why it did not flow like others. The same thing that I was teased about are the things that God is using me to advance his Kingdom. I see the vision that God has given me. I visioned and STILL vision the lives that Kingsskid will change and impact. I have had the opportunity to start public speaking and even started public speaking classes. My hair, it bounces, it flows and it is flourishing, I EMBRACE THAT!

God gave and he still continues to give me more because he cannot bless who I pretend to be he can only bless who I am. In order for me to get my blessings with my name on it, I must stay true to who he called me to be. I must be honest about my journey. I must share my story so he can the glory.

There are times where I look back on some of my old social media posts and I look at the pain in my eyes. I look back remembering those times that life had beat me down, I see the fake smiles too. When I look at them I am aware of the transformation that I went through is too big for me to even try to brag on. Many individuals use to message privately and share with me and they share how I inspire them with my motivational quotes when in actuality I was just trying to inspire myself and get myself through. I realized that my pain was a stepping stone to my purpose.

So I end the blog with this, I can only be true to me because no one can share my story like me. I know without a doubt God did not bring me this far for me to leave me. I have a story to tell. I have more people to assist in discovering who, what, when, where and why they are created, covered, carried and crowned.

and I can only do that my being ME.