Purpose Isn't Cookie Cutter

Saying Yes to your purpose doesn't come without a sacrifice 

I am not aware of any person that had fulfilled their purpose without any sacrifice 

Not to say that the sacrifice was not worth it because in all honesty it is but allow me to be the first to say that purpose isn't fulfilled overnight

Yeaaaars ago I remember telling my best-friend about my vision for Kingsskid in her living room on her couch

And it was in those experiences that my purpose was revealed to me bit and pieces

It took me losing myself in a relationship that wasn't rooted in the right soil or on the right foundation 

It took me working for a manager that told me it would take me ten years to get into the industry that I desired

It took me having a seat at the table and being denied the opportunity to use my voice and influence to make a difference 

It took me moving to a city for a year and pursuing an advanced degree without full-time employment

It took time, heartbreak and tears to understand the importance of healing and my purpose 

The process is: Created| Covered | Carried | Crowned 

We are all put on this Earth to fulfill and it is our duty to discover that assignment.  We are created to fulfill our assignment, when discover what our purpose is we need to take the time to cultivate the gifts

There will be a dry spell when discovering your purpose. The dry spell is God covering you.  My dry spell was attending graduate school and taking the time to heal from a broken heart. My dry spell working for a condensing manager to save for graduate school. 

It is our responsibility to carry the gifts we cultivated and bring them to life. As Pastor John Hannah stated at the Collide Conference, " God will anoint you privately and provide your platform publicly."

Saying YES to your purpose is fulfilling and it's bigger than you. 

When you're saying yes to purpose you're saying yes to fulfilling your assignment on your life

You're saying yes to assisting others on fulfilling their assignment as well

Saying yes to purpose means you are in alignment with your God given assignment

If you haven't discovered your purpose yet, do not get discouraged.  It is okay! Purpose is revealed at different in life and purpose is not cookie cutter 

Its your turn! I have provided a purpose diagram below, take sometime to review the diagram and ask yourself the following questions:

What does the world needs?

What are you good at?

What do you love?

What can you be paid for?

Asking yourself those questions and seeking God to reveal these things to you will get you closer to your purpose. 

With purpose all the stars align with God..