Who Will You Believe?

The days leading up to my birthday were very trying personally and professionally.

My heart was heavy, my mind was heavy, I just felt weary and not qualified

It just seemed like I was stuck between what God had told me (and confirmed) and what the world and decision-makers were telling me

I woke up the day before my birthday with the words of you're not qualified for this speaking engagement and you don't have enough experience

For me, waking up is my most vulnerable state so I typically start the day with worships of praise or sermons BUT this morning the voices seemed louder and louder and I couldn't shake them

I took some time to relisten to Steven Furtick - Trapped In Transition and Sarah Jakes - Flourish 2019 sermons while I worked and decided to replay my praise and worship music playlist (this is where the shift happened) I had to unroot those things that I was not and constantly repeat to myself who I was:

I am created

I am covered

I am carried

I am crowned

I am the Kingsskid

I am qualified for the speaking engagement

I am qualified for the job

I am your child

I am not who they say I am

I am who you said I am

I am qualified

I am called

This is the carried stage- this is the stage where you have nothing to carry but what God told you EVEN when the world is telling you are not qualified - this is the stage where your faith and resilience are challenged like no other. Even though the tears this is the place where the world has to align with the word that God told you.

Being a Kingsskid is rewarding but let me be the first to tell you that there are tears cried, money spent, praises and prayers raised to live this life that sometimes makes you look crazy. These jewels don't come without some unjumbling the world standards and staying true to what God told you.

For me, at this moment all I have to believe is "I know what God told me" so while I continue to carry this thing out I will hold to his word and wait for the world to align with God's assignment on my life.

So let me ask you again: Who will you believe?

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