Experience My R.O.A.R

I was asked to serve as the Founder's Day Keynote Speaker at my Alma Mater PAUL QUINN COLLEGE. This was such a special time for me, this was God answering a BIG prayer that I prayed privately in a public way.  Living out the life of the Kingsskid , I can't just share crowning moments with you without sharing the challenges I face to get to the crowning moment. See God had given me this vision that I would speak on panels and be a keynote at events. I (pay attention to that word)  I created this vision in my head that I would speak and most of the time when I went to the events and see panelists and keynote speakers apart of me would wonder why I was not chosen and selected when God told me this I would speak.  

Remember God told me one thing but I created what that should look like in my head and truly every time I was disappointed 

It hit me one night in my time of reflection, God will never give you a stage until you're ready to serve.

I had it all wrong, I wanted the stage so I can have the platform however God wanted me to have the stage to serve him. No wonder why the vision I created never came to life.

I took time to stop focusing on the stage but start finding ways to serve,  it was in my serving with a pure heart were my moments where my heart was being tested. God was covering me during my serving moments.  

After soooooo many tests, when I was thinking of a Keynote speaker to recommend,  when I was thinking of being an attendee , when I was thinking of being an audience.  My name was carried on the heart of another to SERVE. 

And the crowning moment was giving others permission to R.O.A.R by serving as the Founder's Day Keynote Speaker. 

When the speech was over,  so many people told me how much they loved it, even a co-worker who I practiced with asked me about the speech. After hearing the speech he gave me a lecture on why I should make the speech public  ( I uploaded the speech on YouTube but had the video private ). I set it on private as my way of covering however with the overwhelming good feedback I had to realize I can't cover what God wants to use to crown others.

To live and be created,  covered, carried and crowned is to really allow God to have his way without you interrupting. It's my prayer that you understand that seeking and creating crowning moments is not so much about having connections and followers but about positioning yourself in the royal place on God's throne. 

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