Experiencing The Shift

I am such a planner, I have topics and themes planned for each month however, things do not always go as planned. What I planned for June in February may not be what God wants me to write about and in this month that's definitely the case.

Things are shifting in my life and quite honestly it is not a bad feeling. I am just allowing them to shift as they please.

I feel that some friendships maybe shifting

I am shifting from one young single lady to one that is engaged to be married

The shifting of finances are REAL

I recently experiences a shift in my career

A project I had for Kingsskid has shifted

Social media has a way of showing triumphs very few people share the struggle or shift while they are in it and quite honestly it is because they are figuring it out. But I do not just want to share with you crowning moments after crowning moments I want to share the shifts that led me to receive the crown and jewels of knowledge and wisdom.

Kingsskid has 4 pillars.





Create- This the process of God revealing his assignment to you, where you are responsible for seeking to fulfill the assignment if this world needs it and your assignment is to create it. (hence seek and create crowning moments. You are hearing God in this phase.

Cover- This is the stage I am currently in!!!! This phase is no one business Facebook don't need to know or anything- it is God - this is the protection phase of all that God has revealed to you or he is protecting you from something that has not been revealed. You are praying and confirming with God that this is in his will for your life.

Carry- In this stage, you understand the vision and you're working to carry it from an idea to a reality- you are working to bring it to the marketplace. You are trusting God to assist you in making the dream a reality.

Crown- That thing that God revealed to you is now revealed to the market- its Facebook official! You are telling the world of the vision you created or the crowning moment you sought. (i.e new job, promotion, starting a business)

I know this so well because I live it and breath it. I can recognize what phases I am in and in some cases, depending on the circumstance I can be in multiple phases at the same time depending on which area of my life we are speaking of.

When I graduated from my undergraduate college I knew I was destined for greatness. I knew (created) whatever I did I would excel at it, I was confident in that. I started my careers in a training program for a major retailer and the training program was supposed to be 6 months, by the time the 6 mark month came, our trainers were quiet and not very forthcoming in regards to the next steps, come to find out they were quiet because our company was entering into a mass lay off. (cover) .My confidence was shattered when I entered my manager's office and he told me that he did not know how long I would be with the company and that it would take me 10 years to get into the industry that I desired. I found out that I was over a department that I had no training over and I didn't know that I was over the department. I worked for months on and off the clock to turn the department around. When the numbers changed and we received district recognition I carried that department like it was the latest Louis Vuitton bag lol (carry). I was later informed that my manager was being moved to another store. New leadership entered and I was then given the options to take a $10 pay cut to work in another department or select a performance plan. I thought about this for three days and decided that I would resign and rest until graduate school started. (crown) they were shocked!!! By me being in that training program it protected me from a lay-off, what was supposed to be a 6-month training program turned out to be a life lesson that I now boldly speak about. It's apart of the reason why Kingsskid has a professional development aspect.

Have things been shifting in your life lately?