Uncover You Internal..and Journal

Journaling is something that I have been doing for some time now. I journal my thoughts, emotions, pains, trials, triumphs and everything in between.

My mom always brought me journals for school and I never used them, so I just kept them as decor. Then one day I felt overwhelmed with emotion that I had no choice but to pick up one of those journals and started writing. I had so many words but didn't know how to release them.

Journaling lifts the weight off my mind and heart- most of the time once it's on the paper I am able to let go and start fresh.

This journal was unique I brought it because of the words on it, not realizing that I would live out each and every word that is on the journal. As I took time to sit this journal with the rest of my journals I reflected on the words and how those words matched some of the prayers I prayed that God answered. In this journal, I was able to document some major milestones in my life.

I found my voice- I always knew that I had a voice now it's on a different level- the prayers I pray are bold and I in many cases leave no room for doubt to creep up into my spirit.

I opened my heart to see people for who they are and not for I want them to be.

I am passionate about seeking and creating crowning moments now and forever

The laughs of life still continue... My mouth doesn't just curve into a smile, my heart also smiles.

Me believing in me and not giving up on me was the best decision I ever made. Saying yes even when I was afraid. In the moments where I am scared or feeling a lack, I would say to myself "where God guides he provides."

I am living a life that is one I never imagined or planned.

Thinking positive when you feel as if the world is crashing on you is hard, however, that's where you check the track record of God and you think about all the things he did do for you in the past, your negativity turns into positivity.

Live simply! Don't live beyond your means, you owe the world nothing and people pleasing is not healthy for your spiritual, mental and emotional well being.

Write your story- Honestly my story is still being written, the story I wrote I went back to revisit it and God told me that the story will never be published.

No one told me that journaling would save my life.

No one told me that journaling would be my peaceful place

No one told that in my journaling is where I would discover that I had the ability to create a blog and become an author. Take some time to uncover your internal emotions, thoughts, dreams, and hopes with a journal.

One page at a time uncover your truth!

One page at a time uncover your truth!