....Inhale-> Exhale-> Breathe

Chile..... Breathe Again Conference hosted my Purpose Pusher Calandra Williams, CEO of Truth Written Enterprises and Founder of Majestic Daughter Empowerment.

The conference was filled with women in ministry, business, and corporate America. We came to learn the strategies on how to breathe again. We learned how to discover the areas of our lives that were dead and need to be resurrected. Just as your body needs oxygen to breathe the same goes for the spirit. You can be physically living but spiritually dead. This conference gave you the space to awaken the spiritually dead places in your life by allowing God to breathe life into them.

We focused on Ezekiel 37, where God takes Ezekiel to the valley of the dry bones. In verses 1-4 God takes Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones, the bones are scattered everywhere and THEN God asks Ezekiel do he think the ones can live again and Ezekiel responds back telling God only he knows that.

In verses 4-8 God gives Ezekiel instruction to speak a message th

e bones - Ezekiel does as God says and he sees and hears the bones rattling, coming together and forming muscles, flesh and skin covering over the body but the bodies had no breath in them.

In verses 9-10 God asked Ezekiel to speak another message to the bones, this message required to breathe life into the dead bodies and Ezekiel did as God instructed and the bodies stood to their feet

This is a representation of the the transformation we should receive as believers that transformation should always be from the inside out. You fulfilling your purpose will always require your participation, in most cases, we walk around screaming I am waiting on God when in actuality he is waiting on YOU. You must take the time to acknowledge the dead things in your life and believe, plan and trust that if it is in God’s will that dead thing will come alive.

In verses 11-14, tell us what the bones represent (People of Israel) and the fact that they died symbolizes that all hope is gone. God wants them to know that they will rise again and he will bring them back to the land and by him doing that they will know that he is God and he spoke and done what he said he will do.

This conference crowned me with some jewels of knowledge and wisdom that I must share with you:

1. I don't care how perception looks if the perception is not in alignment with the assignment God has given me

2. All of us have some area of our life that is dead and it is up to us to trust God to assist in reviving that area of our life.

3. Appreciate and show up for your now and prepare for your next.

I am not sure ALL the things my purpose pusher had to overcome and sacrifice to make this conference happen but I am sure he had the will to do it, because I now know how to breathe again and most importantly I know how to identify the areas that need to be resurrected in my life

Now your homework is to read these verses for yourself in the bible and breathe again!