My Hidden Conference Experience

The Hidden Conference was hosted by Ebony King, who's the Founder of Tabitha's TEA Party where the TEA stands for Teach, Empower, and Apply. We are a 501 (c) (3) Faith-Based, Non-Profit organization. Tabitha’s TEA Party is committed to helping women and girls rise from dead places. 

Last year I attended the conference as an attendee and this year as I was thinking of ways to expose Kingsskid to audiences. I made it a goal to serve as a vendor. This opportunity allowed me to meet women and share Kingsskid with them.

I said this on my Instagram post and I will say it again if I only had one word to describe the conference - that word will be confirming!

For me, I have a certain area of my life that is dead however I am praying and believing God to breathe life into that area. The days leading up to the event, I kept telling Ed, "I am in a covering stage," and I realized that in this covering (hidden) stage God is using this time as revelation and preparing. He is taking the blinders off my eyes so I can see clearly what he is showing me and I can see the hearts of others. He's also using this time to prepare me for my next. He's preparing my mind, my spirit, my body, he's preparing me.

I wanted to share 3 things that the Hidden Conference confirmed with me.

  1. In my Covering (Hidden) stage- It's a sacred place! It is where you seek refuge in God and his plan for you. This is the place where you have to be willing to be vulnerable, be willing to cry, be ready to allow people to pray and go to God on your behalf. This is not the place where all your Facebook friends and nosey family members need to know. Don't try to come out of hiding too soon, I am not saying stay there and get comfortable. In that dead area of my life, I realize that I am Covered(Hidden) and that's okay!

  2. One of my mentors told me, "you're doing an amazing job, I am so proud of you." I stated, "thank you, I am trying," she then told me, "NO, you are doing it." At that moment I realized that I had BEEN TRYING for so long that it became comfortable for me and I didn't even realize that I STEPPED OUT AND REACHED THE GOAL, I wasn't trying anymore, I was doing it and that's worth celebrating!!

  3. I launched KINGSSKID CROWNED T-SHIRT! The shirt says Crowned over Compete - meaning that I don't have to compete with you when I know that God has already crowned me. I rather get crowned with you than compete with you. In many instances, collaborating over competing was stated over and over again. Me releasing the shirt line with that specific message confirmed that I was doing exactly what he told me. As John 10:27 states "my sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

Let me tell you, this conference wasn't just an empowerment session, it was a conference that allowed you to be vulnerable, bleed, heal you, hide you and allow you to get up and stay up.

I am glad I am Hidden. I am glad I challenged myself to go beyond just attending, I am glad I took the steps to crown these women with some jewels with knowledge and wisdom so that they can in turn crown someone else.

I am Hidden

I am Covered

I am Crowned


I have pictures and a Vlog to share with you.