Doing A New Thing

Doing something new was our assignment for September 22, 2019 during Self Improvement Month.

I started the night of the 21st meeting my Soror from at a rooftop bar, seeing the city of Chicago.

Prior to the day I had made plans to stay in a hostel, which was an interesting experience. Since I was coming from Hawaii, I was seeking to find an inexpensive way to pay for living accommodations during my time in Chicago. In the spirit of exploration and trying something new I decided that a hostel would be my best option. Picking the hostel was in walking distance from the (Go Getter Conference 2019) host hotel.

The advantages of staying in the hostel:
- More budget friendly to my overall budget
- Walking distance from other restaurants
- Close to the train station (which I rode for the first time)
- Breakfast was included
- The hostel does give you the chance to choose whether you want a room for yourself or if you would like to share it with others which I think is a great way to meet people from all over the world

The disadvantages of staying in a hostel:
- It doesn't have restaurants within it like hotels
- Towels may or may not be included in your price of purchase ( I brought my own towels)
- Thev biggest disadvantage to me was the community showers ( Females and Males separate showers - this was the biggest adjustment for me, I have never used community showers before with many strangers on my floor)

Overall, I would definitely try it again, but I will do more research in regards to the bathroom set up.

During this time, I took some time to explore the City of Chicago ( which was short lived because of the weather). I took you on my journey as I rode the train in Chicago and tried out 2 places that was recommended to me Giordano 's and Lou Malnati's.

What was your do something new activity? I want to hear from you.

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