I interned with the company, I understood the business of the company, I saw myself having a future with this company, and I knew I was on the right trajectory to be successful with this company. One day I had a touch base with my manager and the touch base consistent of him asking me what I ultimately wanted to do in my career, I gladly stated that I wanted to work in the field of Human Resources, my manager stated it would take me 10 years to get into the industry and proceeded to state he did not know how much longer I would be employed with the company. It was after that moment where I realized that I became complacent career and I put my career and development in the hands of my manager. I also realized it was time for me to take control of my future, I decided it would not take me 10 years to get into any industry, I decided I would take control, own and become the Career Executive Officer (CEO) of my future .

Skills Inventory

In becoming the Career Executive Officer of my future I had to take inventory of my current skills, transferrable skills, and skills that are needed to help you make the transition into a new career or job. After taking inventory of my current and transferrable skills, I decided I needed more education on the industry of Human Resources and graduate school would be the best option for me. My talent inventory

Be Proactive |Not Reactive

This process reminded me I needed to start being proactive in my personal and professional development. During my time of working for this company, I did not take the time to seek any development that would have helped me enhance my career and when I did seek the help, it was to help me develop tactics that would show I was committed to the company and my career. I acted out of a state of reaction instead of being proactive in the terms of my career. Take the time to see what development opportunities your company and department offers and even if your company does not offer development opportunities take the initiative to seek those opportunities in your community, network and a mentor is always helpful.


I had to own the role I played in my development or thereof lack of development. I had to own my complacency to my career and not allow that experience to define me but allow it to push me to be strategic, ask questions, and seek to understand my leadership team and their communication styles. By owning my career and becoming the Career Executive Officer (CEO) of my future, one year and 3 months later signed my offer to work for a executive search firm.

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