Preparing For The Week Ahead

There are two things that help me have productive mornings.

When I wake up in the morning, I typically get up from the bed, write in my prayer journal (depending on the day I exercise), do my hair and makeup, get dress, grab my lunch and walk out of the door to face the day ahead.

When it comes to personal development, it was stated in the blog Welcome To KingssKid , your development mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially- your personal development serves as the foundation for discovering your gifts, purpose, and passions.

Personal development is defined as the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness, knowledge and personal skills.

There are two things that have helped me develop my time management skills during my morning routine.

Those two things consist of:

- meal -prepping

- preparing my outfits for the entire week

In meal-prepping, I set time aside to cook on a Sunday or Monday, preferably a Sunday. I cook two entrees with bake chicken or fish. I have two lunch bags after my meals are cooked, I pack both lunch bags, one for Monday and one for Tuesday. When I come home on Monday, I repack my lunch for Wednesday and put the used container in the dishwasher.

For dinner, I have leftovers, which are my best friends.

Preparing for the week saves me so much time during my morning routine. I prefer to spend my time on my brows, make-up, and hair. I started this routine in 2013 and the only thing that has changed is the day that I prefer to pick my clothes. In 2013, I was working in the retail industry, so I picked my clothes out for the week on my off days. Now, currently working Monday- Friday, I prefer to pick my outfits out on Sundays. The downside of this is method is when I plan an outfit in my head it is really pretty and when I actually put the outfit on it looks better on the hanger. In these cases, I will switch the entire outfit or find a way to alternate the outfit.

The one thing that I need to implement within my morning routine is eating breakfast consistently, I am still working on that.

Implementing these two actionable items has helped me have a productive morning routine. I have time to read my daily devotion, reflect and journal. They have helped me improve my time management skills.

I am learning to become more self-aware.

They enhanced my creativity, willingness to become adaptable, and my productivity, which are skills that also enhances professional development and they are transferable to the workplace.

Stay Crowned Kings and Queens