40 Magazine Feature: The Skills Employers Want You To Master

Greetings Kings and Queens,

This morning, I woke up to an amazing email. Let me share the back story, in January of this year my accountability partner and I discussed my dreams in regards to Kingsskid. I expressed that I wanted to establish Kingsskid before writing for other brands, she IMMEDIATELY told me that I should do BOTH, work to establish Kingsskid and work to develop relationship and partner with other brands through my writing. Although at the moment I did not agree because I did not want to over-commit myself and experience burn out. I DID IT, why because people within my circle will not allow me to be comfortable, they will stretch me, they will challenge me and they will push me towards my dreams, which I thoroughly appreciate! By taking my accountability partner's advice, I can present to you the ROYAL COURT, an article, I had the opportunity to write for Forty Magazine.

I am too excited to present to you my article feature: The Skills Employers Want You To Master: Attention To Detail

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Stay Crowned Kings and Queens