Altared Goals

I recently had to altar my goals! Let me tell you why!

When I took a look at my life throughout in the picture of my purpose circle. I realized that my goals were centered around Ed and I finances, Kingsskid and maintaining my peace (which is always a priority of mine) and honestly nothing is wrong with that because when you take care of the home, the home takes care of you.

Altared Goals.png

Remember the Breathe Again conference, the result of me attending conference made me realize that there was a dead area in my life- and it was dead because I did not welcome God in that specific area of my life. So I developed action steps for me to take to allow God to breathe again and breathe life in that area and when I went to look at my goals and low and behold that area was nowhere on my goals! So I had to go back to the drawing board and altar my goals, in that process I decided to do at least two things that will push me forward in that specific area of my life. So many times we look at people pictures and in so many cases we say #goals but we don't realize how many times that had to go back and readjust their goals to get to that Instagram moment.

Let me honest altaring the goals was easy now the things that have been revealed as I work my plan has been and it is uncomfortable.

Remember Kingsskid 4 pillars:

Create- This the process of God revealing his assignment to you, where you are responsible for seeking to fulfill the assignment if this world needs it and your assignment is to create it. (hence seek and create crowning moments. You are hearing God in this phase.

Cover- This is the stage I am currently in!!!! This phase is no one business Facebook don't need to know or anything- it is God - this is the protection phase of all that God has revealed to you or he is protecting you from something that has not been revealed. You are praying and confirming with God that this is in his will for your life. (revelation and preparation)

Carry-Inn this stage, you understand the vision and you're working to carry it from an idea to a reality- you are working to bring it to the marketplace. You are trusting God to assist you in making the dream a reality.

Crown- That thing that God revealed to you is now revealed to the market- its Facebook official! You are telling the world of the vision you created or the crowning moment you sought. (i.e new job, promotion, starting a business)

One specific area of my life I am in the cover stage (this is the stage that I really did not set goals for or pray as much about)- in the other areas of my life it is full of crowning moments (these are the areas that I prayed and demanded the heavens come down on)

In me altaring my goals; I found myself doing the following things:

  1. At the ALTAR and seeking Gods face in this process.

  2. Being open to how things present themselves to me. Things about myself (i.e - you are not showing up as your best self) were being revealed and at the same time I am being prepared (i.e prepared for the doors that will close and preparing myself to be at peace with how God brings me out of this)

  3. Listing to my favorite album by Anthony Evans

  4. Researching and communicating what I want to succeed in this specific area of my life.

I amI am currently studying Paul in Philippians and Paul demonstrated his faith even in situations that were not desirable. Philippians 1:29 , states " for you have been given not only the priviledge of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him"

Can we use this day and the days to come to have a Paul perspective on our problems? As I stated altaring my goals has not been the most comfortable feeling in the world but in this specific area it pushed me to the place where I needed to be all along- THE ALTAR OF GOD