The Birth of Kingsskid

Being the grand-daughter of the late Emmett Lee King, my grandfather taught my sister and I the importance of continuously educating yourself. There was a moment where I forgot all those lessons and lost my way. In that moment I experienced brokenness, heartache, depression, and low self-esteem.

I started using the hashtag #tzjselfmotivationmoment (tzj- T’Edra Zachelle Jackson)to find ways and words that will encourage me in those times of darkness. I felt the need to share my pain in hopes to inspire others through uplifting social media post. One day it hit me that #tzjselfmotivationmoment should not just be for me, but it should be for all.

KingssKid is to remind us that we are all kids of the King, hence the meaning of the first “S,” the second “S” is to honor my grandfather and the lessons he taught me.

KingssKid is to remind us that God created, covered, continuously carries and crowns us in victory and all circumstances.

We are ALL kids of the King, we are the KingssKid.

This is only the beginning- God is just getting started.